First Malaysian PEMS, Predictive Emission System Demonstration

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[First Malaysian PEMS, Predictive Emission System Demonstration] [Tuanku Ja’Afar Power Station, Port Dickson, Malaysia: NO DATE]-

TNB Research and ASMA joined CMC Solutions L.L.C. in conducting a long term R&D project to determine the viability and acceptability of PEMS in the country of Malaysia.  Testing was conducted from March through December, 2011 on two combustion sources located at the Tuanku Ja’Afar Power Station, in Port Dickson, Malaysia.  The RATA tests, successfully performed on the two combustion turbines, demonstrated that the statistical hybrid PEMS (Smart Solution CEMS by CMC Solutions) is capable of meeting all the requirements of the US EPA of performance for compliance PEMS under 40 CFR Part 60 and 40 CFR Part 75 Subpart E regulations.

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