PEMS Hardware

Find the right predictive emissions monitoring system hardware at CMC Solutions. Our PEMS hardware solutions include customized workstations and servers for any of our systems or components along with the SmartCEMS RTU. The SmartCEMS RTU is our most cost-effective SmartCEMS® product designed for remote combustion units, micro-turbines, gas pipeline compressor stations, and many other applications where complete systems are not practical to operate and maintain.

SmartCEMS RTU is a complete predictive emissions monitoring system offered at an extremely competitive price. The SmartCEMS RTU consists of a ruggedized hardware device that contains a Windows XP embedded processor running in protected mode on uninterruptible power. The SmartCEMS RTU boots up off EPROM and utilizes 1GB static RAM with no hard drive, providing an extremely reliable platform with a rich set of connectivity options.

Typically, with this unit, a serial interface exists with the process control system, an Ethernet port is maintained for interface with the local area network at the site, and a serial port is available for remote configuration via a laptop. Other connectivity options are available including modem, wireless, and removable media. The SmartCEMS RTU is fully programmed and comes in a wall mount enclosure for installation in a conditioned environment, such as a plant control room or outside in a weather-tight enclosure.

If you have any questions about our PEMS hardware or SmartCEMS RTU, fill out our quick and easy form or contact our 24-hour helpline. Our knowledgeable support specialists are always available to take your call.