PEMS Software

CMC Solutions offers advanced environmental monitoring equipment, including SmartCEMS software components. Our components selection includes the SmartCEMS Analyzer, SmartCEMS Server, SmartCEMS Configuration Tools, and SmartCEMS Developer solutions. These advanced PEMS software components are designed to interface with existing process or emission monitoring systems. The software component solutions are cost-effective where complete SmartCEMS packaged systems are not practical (i.e., site with many similar units that are remotely located, sites that recently invested in an advanced emission monitoring or process control systems, sites with existing SQL database that contain the process data, and for our OEM partners to deploy as part of a complete ‘turnkey’ project).

SmartCEMS Analyzer is a stand-alone component for predicting emissions of a combustion source from historical or real-time process data. SmartCEMS Analyzer functions in two methods either actively polling the process control system for real-time data and generating a continuous output and record of the emissions or by responding to a call from another system to provide a predicted emission rate given a known process operating condition. The SmartCEMS Analyzer may be installed on existing or new equipment at the site with legacy process controls or compliance reporting software provided by a third party or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partner. SmartCEMS Analyzer can provide real-time emission rate data for compliance monitoring and reporting purposes, or it can be used in modeling and simulation of the process or combustion unit for engineering, process optimization, and operator training purposes.

SmartCEMS Server is a comprehensive back-end suite of PEMS software products that is delivered as a complete package with operating system, database, database connectivity, remote access, SmartCEMS Configuration Tools, and site support bundled together as a component solution. SmartCEMS® Server communicates with any remote devices such as SmartCEMS RTU on the network and any SmartCEMS Analyzer deployed at the site to collect all historical process and emission data. SmartCEMS Server is provided with all of the database and customized application coding required for long-term storage of compliance data. A two-day training program for up to four persons and a complete documentation set are also provided with SmartCEMS Server.

SmartCEMS Configuration Tools provide configuration and remote access to any SmartCEMS product via standard serial or Ethernet connectivity. The SmartCEMS Configuration Tools are built-in to each complete system packaged product, and are provided as an optional component for customers that purchase SmartCEMS without the built-in configuration interface such as the SmartCEMS RTU. SmartCEMS Configuration Tools are not required for ongoing operation of SmartCEMS RTU, only for configuration changes and model redevelopment. Customers can utilize a single copy of the SmartCEMS Configuration Tools with multiple SmartCEMS RTUs deployed at the site.

SmartCEMS Developer is a solution designed for customers with experienced information technology staff who are held responsible for custom reporting of process and compliance data. SmartCEMS Developer includes SmartCEMS Server and the source code required for generation of customer reports. SmartCEMS Developer is provided with an extensive one-week training period for up to three persons along with report system source code and documentation. The customer is provided with training and deployment of the development environment on-site in order to generate custom reports and graphs for internal use and to respond to any future changes in the regulatory reporting requirements.

If you have any questions about our environmental monitoring equipment software, do not hesitate to contact us at any time.