Does SmartCEMS® replace a CEMS? If so, what do we do with the existing CEMS we have installed onsite?

In most cases, SmartCEMS® is installed to replace an older CEMS or in lieu of CEMS on a new installation. SmartCEMS® was designed to work as a stand-alone solution to provide data acquisition, display of real-time and averaged emission data, and report generation to meet regulatory compliance requirements. In one mode of operation, the CEMS provides a critical role in the optimization of the process, but not a mandatory role in compliance monitoring of the exhaust emissions. In most instances, however, SmartCEMS® is deployed using historical CEMS or temporary mobile CEMS data. SmartCEMS® provides real-time analysis of process efficiency and predictive capability for any failed input in additional to emissions monitoring for compliance purposes. SmartCEMS® can operate without a CEMS when certified as a primary continuous monitoring system for the source through a petition for approval of an alternate monitoring system (40 CFR Part 75, Subpart E) or utilizing a performance testing specification promulgated by U.S. EPA (such as 40 CFR Part 60, Performance Specification 16 or PS-16).

If you have an existing CEMS, we would recommend that the CEMS not be removed, but that it is turned off during most of the year to save in operational, maintenance, and support costs.

The CEMS would be used to retrain the model if new operating or ambient conditions are encountered or following a major maintenance event and for tuning or optimization of the combustion controls. The plant can certify the CEMS along with SmartCEMS®-75 as a backup system if a testing team is mobilized for a relative accuracy test audit. If the CEMS is operated according to 40 CFR Part 60 Reference Methods, the existing CEMS can be used by the source owner to recertify the SmartCEMS®-60 system each year in lieu of an annual certification test (typically performed by an independent third party testing team) or for performing periodic audits. CMC Support, L.L.C. could provide support to both an existing CEMS and the SmartCEMS®-75 or SmartCEMS®-60 PEMS.