What are the steps required to move forward with a PEMS installation? Who do we contact for a proposal for SmartCEMS® PEMS?

Contact Mr. Brian Swanson or Brad Wessel at CMC Solutions (U.S. 248-960-1632 or 808-679-8767) or via email at Sales@CMCSolutions.org or you can fill out a request online. The first step in the process will be to develop a site-specific datasheet   for each of the sources to be monitored to identify the specific needs of the customer and the regulatory program.


CMC will provide a proposal that may include computer hardware, temporary CEMS, mobile emission testing services, training, onsite support, certification testing, commissioning, warrantee, and quality assurance programming onsite. Together with our business alliance partners, CMC can provide a turnkey quotation for products and services as part of a facility wide emissions tracking program that can meet the requirements of your air permit and applicable federal regulations.


The software will be delivered (typically within 30 to 60 days of receipt of purchase order) and certification can be scheduled anytime following startup and collection of the training data. Training data is typically collected for a period of three days and up to 30 days during normal operation to develop the model. Sites with existing CEMS may have available data to build a model without additional testing or training. Certification can typically be achieved within 60 to 90 days of receipt of your purchase order for a SmartCEMS®   PEMS.