What is SmartCEMS® – who is CMC Solutions?

SmartCEMS® is a predictive emissions monitoring system (PEMS) that is used for compliance with U.S. EPA regulations. CMC Solutions, L.L.C. is the software manufacturer and provides PEMS software based on a patented statistical hybrid engine. CMC Solutions, L.L.C. provides complete turnkey software and hardware solutions including predictive emissions monitoring systems (PEMS) and continuous parametric monitoring system (CPMS) with data acquisition systems (DAS) and components as required to industrial, municipal, governmental, and original equipment manufacturers. CMC works with a number of global business alliance partners who provide additional services such as environmental permits, reference method testing, continuous emission monitors and gas analyzers, and other supporting services for the environmental compliance monitoring system. These predictive emission monitoring systems are typically required by air emissions regulations and plant operating permits. SmartCEMS®-60 is a complete predictive emissions monitoring package for compliance with 40 CFR Part 60 regulations. SmartCEMS®-75 is a custom solution for compliance with 40 CFR Part 75 regulations and is provided with a data acquisition system that generates electronic data reports (EDR) in the XML format specified by U.S. EPA.