What other statistical analyses are required to certify SmartCEMS®-75 PEMS under 40CFR Part 75, Subpart E?

The minimum data required to validate a SmartCEMS® PEMS model for compliance with 40 CFR Part 75 is 720 operating hours. There is an additional requirement to provide at least 24 hours under each type of fuel combusted as part of the 720 hour demonstration required of Part 75, Subpart E. The statistical analysis includes the F-test, t-test, correlation, and variance analysis along with a bias test of the 720 hour Subpart E demonstration dataset. CMC provides a Subpart E package that guarantees Part 75 Subpart E certification results that are successful and includes all statistical analyses, data quality assurance, and onsite support along with the required submittals and reports. The final decision for approval of all Part 75, Subpart E petitions resides with the Administrator of U.S. EPA.